Flat Roof Repairs

Commercial flat roof leaks may be caused by a faulty underlayment. Underlayments are also prone to crack due to age. Mechanical roof failure may be caused by ice removal, walking on a roof and also by dropping nails, screws and other sharp objects on a roof. Roof failure may not always appear as dripping water, but may show up as mildew, peeling paint, or spots on ceilings or walls. For flat roof replacement, please click here. Property managers, please put Adam’s Roofing on your contractor list for commercial roof repairs and emergency service. Let us earn your business. Call 303-840-9239 or email us at info@adamsroofingcolorado.com for an appointment.

Commercial Asphalt Roof Repairs

Adam’s Roofing helps HOAs and property managers extend the life of sloped asphalt roofing by scheduling routine maintenance. Be sure to keep Adam’s Roofing on your short list for emergency repairs. For sloped roof replacement, please click here. For sloped roof replacement, please click here.