A home downspout with large accumulations of roofing granules is a sign of a roof that needs to be replaced. Other signs of roof failure include mildew, peeling paint, or spots on ceilings or walls. If a homeowner sees any of these signs, now is the time to call Adam’s Roofing. The experienced technicians at Adam’s Roofing can help you determine if your roof is in need of maintenance or replacement. For expert roofing inspections and repairs, call 303-840-9239 or email us at info@adamsroofingcolorado.com for an appointment.

Asphalt Roof Problems

Asphalt shingles can fail due to hail and wind damage, or even from overhanging tree limbs continually scraping a roof. Replacing your damaged asphalt shingles will extend the life span of your roof.

architectural asphalt shingles

Roof Hail Damage

Old asphalt shingles become brittle and are thus more susceptible to hail damage. When shingles are allowed to remain in this condition, even dime-sized hail can cause significant damage. Determining if a roof has sustained hail damage requires a professional roof inspection. For more information, click here to continue to the hail claim damage page.

architectural asphalt shingles

Nail Pop Damage

Nails that become loose and push against the bottom of a shingle are called nail pops. Eventually, these wayward nails will ruin the integrity of the entire shingle by completely piercing it. Nail pops are caused by improper nailing when the roof was being installed.

architectural asphalt shingles

Shingle Cupping Repair

Just like any other system in the home, asphalt shingles break down over time. Curled roof shingles are a clear sign that a roof is past its prime and is ready to be replaced.