The historic and the modern are equally at home in downtown Denver. Exactly one mile above sea level and surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, Denver never disappoints. From museums and art districts, to sports, shopping, and outdoor activities, this diverse city offers something for everyone. Since 1982, Adam’s Roofing has provided residential and commercial roofing and repair services to the Denver area. We have a stellar reputation for quality workmanship and going the extra mile in order to meet our customers’ needs. Adam’s Roofing also services the roofing needs of the Denver business community. We offer flat roof rubber and built-up roofing. We have also consistently maintained and upgraded commercial asphalt roofs for leading HOA and property management companies located in the Front Range. If a your neighborhood has experienced a heavy hail storm, call 303-840-9239 or email us at for an appointment.

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Hail Storm Claims

A hail storm can be a blessing in disguise. If a roof is declared a loss by a home insurance company, this gives the homeowner an opportunity to replace the roof and increase curb appeal. Adam’s Roofing helps homeowners find the ideal roofing and gutter material to best fit their home’s façade. It’s amazing how a new roof makes the design of a home stand out like never before. Installing a new roof also increases the market value of the home. Adam’s Roofing works with the leading home insurance companies and will walk homeowners through every step of the roof replacement claim process.

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Roofing & Repairs

A telltale sign that your roof needs replacement or repair is the accumulation of shingle granules in gutters or at the base of a downspout. The granules protect shingles from the ultra-violet rays of the sun and stormy weather. Without this protection, the wear and tear of a roof will accelerate until the roof fails and starts to leak. Call Adam’s Roofing now for a free roof inspection.