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A proven leader among residential roofing contractors, Adam's Roofing LLC, has been installing sloped residential asphalt shingle roofs since 1982. We offer the latest designs in dimensional shingles, follow the latest developments in current technology and keep all of our repairs and installations up to date.

Why would a homeowner choose architectural asphalt shingles? One major reason is they are impact and wind resistant. In addition, architectural asphalt shingles are available in a variety of color options and price points. Architectural asphalt shingles are price competitive when compared to roofing materials. When trying to figure out the cost of a new roof, homeowners need to include the cost of the shingles, the slope of the roof, the height of the building, the type of roof access and the complexity of the project. Give us a call today and we will walk you through the roof replacement process.

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Ridge Vent Roll

A ridge vent roll is not a sweet roll you can eat, but an innovative roofing product that performs several duties well. Ridge vent rolls, known for their easy installation, remove excess heat from attics, keep attics dry and increase air flow. Ridge vent rolls are low profile, add additional dimension to rooflines, and provide valuable protection from the elements. When a ridge vent roll is installed, ridge cap shingles are nailed on top. To learn more, please contact us.

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Increase Curb Appeal with Dimensional Shingles

From experience, we have seen many homeowners pleasantly surprised at what a huge difference a new roof and gutters have on the curb appeal of their home. Here is a historic home that was completely and tastefully transformed. How? With the addition of the ideal shingle and gutter color. Judge for yourself! Adam's Roofing thoroughly enjoyed walking this homeowner through the entire process and helping ensure the gutter color created a connection between the color of the roof shingle and the façade of the home. The market value of this 100-year-old beauty has increased due to the fact that this home is now stunning from any angle.

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